Welcome to the Website of David Hollis

Examples of my artwork are shown on these pages.  Please contact me by email at the address below for commissioned artworks in any medium.

Art Notes
Handouts prepared and used in my years as an adult education art tutor.  The handouts cover art theory and art techniques. Because of copyright restrictions on a number of the images within the notes viewing of the pages is restricted for use by those seeking information for educational purposes.  Please email me at the address below for access password to this area of the website. 

TuxLinux Notes, Scripts and Tips
This part of the site is still in its embronic stage.  The content is material collected as I have resolved issues with the day to day use of the Linux operating system.  Included within the notes are downloads for small applications and scripts that I have developed for my own use.

TQTotal Quality
The notes date back to my years working for a large organisation where part of my time was spent assisting with the introduction of Total Quality.  It covers notes on why  Total Quality is useful as well as practical examples of its use in practice.

To contact me plase email: