Linux Notes, Applications, Scripts and Tips

TuxLinux Commands and Shortcuts

A collection of useful commands and shortcuts that are known to work with Ubuntu and are likely to work with other distros.

Skype Sound and Ubuntu Maverick

One key issue with the use of Skype in Ubuntu (10.10) appears to be with the sound.  Skype appears  unable to use Pulse Audio which comes as part of Ubuntu Meerkat Maverick.  This is a solution that I found to the problem.


JpegComment is a short Python script prepared to provide a GUI interface to exiv2.  It does one task.... it adds comments to JPEG files.

Cloudefuse and CloudFilesLink

Cloudfuse is a bash script developed by "redbo".  With a specific setup configuration it can be used to provided a locally mounted volume for RackSpace Cloud Files.  CloudFilesLink is a simple GUI front end to Cloudfuse which has been written in Python using Illumination Software Creator.

Custom Blocks for Illumination Software Creator

Illumination Software Creator provides a graphical method of rapidly creating Python applications.  The notes on this page provide custom "blocks" for use with the application.

HP Envy 100 D410a Linux Installation

Follow these instructions to install the wireless printer/ scanner.  Scanning requires apprpriate client software to be loaded, such as Xsane.